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self healer kit+


The Full Apothecary
All 7 botanical remedies in one beautiful kit. Daily gemfleur+ use can help you feel relaxed and refreshed during the day, enhance your mood, improve focus and balance your mind and body. At night it soothes your senses and improves your sleep while supporting your immune system.

Contains seven, 4 ml remedies (de-stress+, energy+, focus+, decongest+, immunity+, sleep+ and calm+) + concern chart. (gemstones not included).

Perfect gift for: high school grads, new self-healers, birthdays

For the entire list of concerns, click here.

Breath: Place two drops in palms. Rub hands together. Cup hands over nose and mouth. Inhale deeply. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Body: Place three drops in palm. Massage around ankles and soles of feet.

Bath: Place 20 drops in a warm bath. Soak for twenty minutes.