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nectar essences

full spectrum healing aromatherapy

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies Pure essential oil blends

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies Subtle flower essence medicine

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be well now

how to self heal:

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

Rub two drops in your palms vigorously

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

Cup your hands over nose and mouth

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

Take 5 expansive inhales & feel instantly better

What They Say

The power of energetic medicine

Testimonial 9

"I work on a trading desk and it so loud and so much is going on that I thought I would try a product like this to see if it helps with concentration and focus. I have only been using it for a few months but I am happy with the results!"

Lydia Stolman
Testimonial 8

"As an athlete, I often have early morning workouts (e.g. 5:30am swim practice) and Nectar Essences Energy, mood-boost helps me to feel alert and energized to hit the paces and efforts I need to early in the morning, even if sometimes my body wishes I had hit the snooze button... what is it about a refreshing scent that helps awaken the rest of my body?"

Jordan B.
Testimonial 7

I started using this (SLEEP remedy) after my doctor recommended it. I am going through menopause and have been sleeping poorly for awhile. I started using this about a month ago and it has helped me dramatically. I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested."

Pam Roby
Testimonial 6

"Calm, Relief was a huge saver for me as I was taking care of my mother who was terminally ill with cancer. I also used the oils daily with her especially when she was upset and frustrated with how she was feeling."

Anje Vogt
Testimonial 5

This is the MOST relaxing combination of smells I have ever come across. Once I added these salts to my bath, I remembered to breathe and was instantly relaxed. Calm, Relief is now my favorite bath salts. And I want to give them to everyone I know.

Dena S.
Testimonial 4

"I credit this product (De-stress) for helping me get through one of the hardest periods of grief I ever experienced. Thank you for such an outstanding product. I highly suggest it!"

Tami M.
Testimonial 3

I first found Super-Immunity in my Medical Center Gift Shop. I'm so happy I purchased it. It definitely aids me in staying healthy. I use it anytime and everytime I go out and among people. Using it has kept me from getting sick. Don't leave home without it!

Lorene B. Hofbauer
Testimonial 2

"I've made Sweet Dreams Diffuser Oil a staple in my evening ritual and my small children go to sleep with much less drama (and so do I!)."

Testimonial 1

"I just returned from a business trip to DC, and sure enough I was congested, coughing and sneezing on my flight home. Imagine my relief when I arrived home to 'breathe me' Decongest, Immunity, a gift from my husband. I inhaled several times on Monday night- and woke up Tuesday morning without even a sniffle.

Sue Richards

Oh is it cold season?

Founder Jenny Pao's Fall Protocols

Click below to try some of these effective and easy protocols. Daily use of essential oils improves mood, bolsters happiness and boosts the immune system.

Cold or Flu?
Once you feel a cold or flu virus hit:
Breathe super-immunity five times throughout the day.
Not sure what is taking you down?

Not sure what is taking you down? Or it’s really rocking you?
Breathe super-immunity and decongest five times a day.

For respiratory issues:

Breathe decongest five times throughout the day.

This formula strengthens your over-all respiratory system. Whether you are prone to asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections or get sick easily, daily use of decongest will help bolster your health.

To get restorative, healing rest:

Breathe sleep+ before bed or a much-needed nap. Rub it on your chest and forehead.

To sweat it out:

Bathe with calm, relief bath salt, which has rosemary, cypress and sage for immunity-boosting. The hot steamy bath increases circulation and decreases stress.

To keep your space germ-free:

Diffuse Clean Air diffuser oil all day.

Cold Season Immunity
Friends, we're shipping daily. We recommend Decongest & Super-Immunity used in tandem. Stay well.