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Full Spectrum Healing

All you need to do is breathe!

I created our botanical remedies out of my holistic healing practice to address emotional well-being. I've learned that healing emotional trauma is crucial to resolving physical and mental pain. Our formulas are a distillation of ancient wisdom, my experience as a healer, scientifically-backed wellness practices and energy work.

Nectar Essences is the highest vibrational energetic medicine made by a healer, for self-healers.

We are the only company to combine 3 healing modalities in a bottle.

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  • Aromatherapy
  • $ 100 month
  • Aromatherapy is a broad term. We work with medicinal aromatherapy, using therapeutic essential oils to improve health and well-being through the inhalation, topical application and diffusion of scientifically proven essential oil combinations to support well-being.

    • AKA: Essential oils
    • Made from: Various plant parts
    • Qualities: scented/ volatile compounds
    • Benefits: For physical & emotional healing


    included in all products

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  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • $ 100 month
  • Dr. Edward Bach (1930) is credited with Flower Essence Therapy, but the use of Flower Essences as medicine has been present since ancient times. Flower Essence therapy balances the emotions and is effective for all animals, children and adults.

    • AKA: Flower Essences
    • Made from: Wild flower blooms
    • Qualities: Unscented/ vibrational
    • Benefits: For returning to emotional and spiritual balance


    included in all products

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  • Crystal Healing
  • $ 100 month
  • Crystal Healing is an ancient practice that is gaining major popularity. Crystals are a stablizing element. They emit an piezoelectric frequency that interacts with the human energy field. We add gem and crystal elixirs into our products to activate healing.

    • AKA Gem Elixirs
    • Made from: Crystals & gemstones
    • Qualities: Unscented/ vibrational
    • Benefits: For tuning into earth’s


    exclusive to gemfleur line

Our Process

Full Spectrum Healing



I love giving this to my patients because it enhances the work that I do.

Dr. Aliza Cicerone, ND


Nectar Essences creates the purest,
most effective energetic medicine
available for self-healers.


To infuse energetic medicine into
every facet of wellness.

Jenny Pao blending oils
Holistic Healer

Jenny Pao

Flower essences are such a beautiful way to address the emotions because they are subtle and gentle. Because many of my clients were children it was hard to get them to swallow the drops of flower essences under their tongue. Through my studies, I learned that it was often even more effective to use flower essences topically. In 2007, I launched Nectar Essences.

Full Spectrum Healing
“I have a tenacity for joy and life, to me, is a journey toward wholeness. Every time I’ve broken apart, I have found a way to weave myself back together. The modalities and wisdom I have learned are in every drop of Nectar Essences.”
– Jenny Pao, Founder