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peace vermarine spray+


Harmonious headspace.
Smokey, earthy vetiver, spicy thyme, sweet lavender, and barrel cactus flower essence are infused with a Vermarine gem elixir. Vermarine is a prized rare green quartz stone with harmonizing qualities, expanding a sense of peace and providing deep self-awareness.


Use as a room spray or a personal aura mist. As with all Nectar Essences products, our aromas are 100% natural, free of synthetic fragrances and charged with love.


Scent profile: ocean, earthy, woody, masculine.

Scent profile: ocean, earthy, woody, masculine.

Bless: Shake and mist around your space. Feel the instant uplift to your aura.

Vetiver, Organic Thyme, Organic Lavender

Aqua, vetiver essential oil, organic thyme essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic grape alcohol, vermarine gem elixir, barrel cactus flower essence.

Vermarine gem elixir + barrel cactus flower essence.