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jetsetter kit
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Fly High
Trips across time zones can wreak havoc on your body, mixing up your sleep patterns and leaving you exhausted, weak, and susceptible to colds and flu. Stay radiant and refreshed, you globetrotter, you!

Contains three, 3.5ml remedies (super-immunity; sleep; energy, mood boost).

Perfect gift for: bon voyage, honeymoons, work trips.

Breath: Place two drops in palms. Rub hands together. Cup hands over nose and mouth. Inhale deeply. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Body: Place three drops in palm. Massage onto affected areas.

Bath: Place 20 drops in a warm bath and soak for at least twenty minutes.

4 reviews for jetsetter kit

  1. Catherine L

    JETSETTING! I travel constantly for work and having these three bottles in my purse is a must. I have shared this secret of mine with so many fellow travelers and given away so many bottles that I usually have two sets with me at all times.

  2. Greta V.

    LOVE THE 3 PACK I was already using the sleep but when I went on to re-order I saw this travel pack and figured I would get it and bring it on vacation. It really did help with the jet lag!

  3. anje

    “CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT NE OILS I can’t express enough how much I love the jetsetter pack. Super immunity is amazing … Feel like I’m getting sick,or being around sick people is the perfect time to use this oil.
    Instead of an afternoon caffeine 2nd glass I turn to energy mood. Ahhhh I feel so energized!

    Can’t sleep ? Sleep just takes 30 inhales and I’m on the way to dreamland. Sleep works wonders on children too!

    I think every human should have these oils and carry around them on a daily basis.”

  4. Av

    INSTANT ENERGY! INSTANT BLISS! I got my Jetsetter kit and wow the presentation was beautiful, inviting, and informative! Right away I used the 3 oils ( throughout different times of the day) and I noticed a huge difference is my alertness, energy level, calmness. I HIGHLY recommend this set and look forward to buying the other sets! Jenny Pao and her team are AMAZING!!!

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