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french bouquet diffuser oil
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Oui, Oui
Diffusing this blend will have you saying, “Oui!” to life, with its uplifting and calming effect. Like an afternoon wander through a Provençal garden.


Scent profile: floral, dry, seductive

Scent profile: floral, dry, seductive

Diffuse: Pour filtered or spring water to fill line of diffuser. Pour ten to twenty drops of Sweet Dreams into diffuser. Breathe deep.

Ingredients: Therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender augustifola (lavender)◆, citrus sinensis (blood orange), citrus bergamia (bergamot)◆, proprietary blend of flower essences.


1 review for french bouquet diffuser oil

  1. Unknown

    SMELLS WONDERFUL! I use this everyday. Love the combination of scents – clean and refreshing. The name of it suggests it will have a strong floral scent, which is not the case. I have other Nectar Essences oils and love them all!

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