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decongest, immunity
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The Tale of the Disappearing Cold. When the symptoms knock, lock the door.


Scent profile: piney, mysterious, warm, camphorous


Acute – To clear mucus, decongest sinuses and improve breathing, inhale 30 seconds every hour,
up to eight times per day, and/or rub three times per day until symptoms disappear.

Year Round Protection – To protect yourself in germ-filled environments and boost your immunity
year-round, inhale for 30 seconds once a day. Long term, consistent use improves results.



For entire list of concerns, click here.

Breath: Place two drops in palms. Rub hands together. Cup hands over nose and mouth.
Inhale deeply. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Body: Place three drops in palm. Massage around ankles and soles of feet.

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus)◆, Cypress (cupressus semper-virens)◆, Silver Fir (abies alba◆,
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia)◆, Star Anise (illicium verum)◆, Clove (syzygium aromaticum)◆ ◆organic ingredient

Scent profile: piney, mysterious, warm, camphorous.

Flower Essences of elm (ulmus procera), allium (allium sativum), crab apple (malus pumila), oak (quercus robur).

16 reviews for decongest, immunity

  1. Elisabeth

    GOODBYE STUFFINESS This works! It works best for me using it several times a day. My sinuses have been clearer and tissues less necessary. If I forget to use it, my nose gets stuffy again. It smells good and taking time for deep breathing during the day probably helps too.

  2. K. Price, MD, surgeon. Atlanta, GA

    TOTALLY EFFECTIVE AND WORKED QUICKLY  I was beginning to get a cold, likely from the kids. Being a doctor, it’s impossible to slow down and it’s extremely unpleasant to feel miserable while seeing patients. So, I tried the decongest, immunity and within minutes felt better and almost completely decongested. I used it everyday for a week and the cold never manifested. Now I use it daily to prevent coming down with something!

  3. Ellen in Sausalito

    GIVES ME INSTANT RELIEF I use this when I feel a cold coming on, breathing it helps me manage the early signs of congestion. It sends a cooling and relieving scent through my nasal passages and gives me an instant relief.

  4. Rajani

    This is a very aromatic and clearing oil, which significantly helped with my congestion, and helped clear and soothe me.

  5. unknown

    BETTER THAN AN INHALER My husband has glaucoma and asthma. He cant use inhaler or oral decongestant. This oil works to help his breathing.

  6. Carter Reynolds

    WORKS Use the product and it works.

  7. Evan Rom

    THIS REALLY HELPED ME I had sinus congestion and this really helped

  8. Christine Koch

    VERY EFFECTIVE My husband and I both came down with a cold and I went to the store looking for something natural that might help. This was quite effective, we were over our colds in 3 days. Smells strong, I assume due to the eucalyptus, but it worked which is the most important thing, and I would buy it again.

  9. Sophie Samuels

    VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT  Just finished my first bottle and thought I’d a review since I went online to order another one. The whole family uses it for stuffed up sinuses from allergies and the sniffles from colds.

  10. Jamie Durant

    CLEARED UP MY SINUSES wow is all i can say. no i can say more! i am amazed at how well and how quickly it helped. my boyfriend has been using it for his allergies, i’m tired of sharing and told him to go get his own bottle 🙂 i should mention the smell, it is strong but in a good way.

  11. Jackie Peters

    I CAN BREATHE AGAIN What else can I say, it really helped my congestion! I’m keeping a bottle in my purse, this stuff is great.

  12. Olivia

    SUPER IMMUNITY WORKS FOR EVERYTHING! I am currently going through treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease, a type of lymphatic cancer. The treatment has caused me to have severe BO. Nothing I was trying worked so one day I tried Super Immunity instead and it took the smell away. Such an amazing product.

  13. Crystal 

    COLD & FLU SEASON MUST-HAVE I work around a lot of people & a lot of them come to work sick! I use this daily to help boost immunity & stay well.

  14. Lisa

    NO LONGER NEED MY BRONCHIAL INHALER Like this product so much- the smell, the ease, the fact it works ! I was using a bronchial inhaler, not any more, this worked better.

  15. Jennine C

    THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED ON MY BRONCHITIS Recently, I had a horrible bronchial infection that lingered on for months. I just couldn’t stop coughing and nothing seemed to work. I was even put on multiple rounds of antibiotics by my doctor to no avail. Once I started using decongest, I started to have some relief. I would make an infused steam every morning and night and also put it into my humidifier. After just a few short days, the infection had cleared and it was amazing! Plus, the essences feel fresh and natural unlike Vicks or other synthetics. Thank you Nectar for saving me!

  16. Jyen Stoneking

    I’m still so thankful that I came across the little trial sizes of nectar eo’s a few years back while traveling. I love to collect, experience and experiment with essential oils so I bought a few kinds and fell immediately in love with the smell of this Immunity Decongest. I find it to be multi-layered, meaning I can detect different ingredients at different times and yet they meld & mingle together beautifully.

    Even better, after I began to wear this regularly, it felt like I was better able to fend off germs and illnesses – like I had created a little scent-sheild of protection around me. I keep some diluted in a carrier oil in a roller-ball vial and as a nanny, I apply prior to every time with kids. If they are sick as they often are, I douse myself well and re-apply throughout the day. As a side benefit, it also helps the babies when they are stuffed up to breathe better. I’ll rub it on my chest/neck and in holding them close when putting them to sleep they get to inhale this as well which helps them to sleep clearer and longer (perhaps). And as a yoga teacher, I use this on myself and on students prior to practice or pranayama to help open up the breathing channels & creating a deeper aromatherapy experience.

    I would honestly bathe in this if I could afford to – it is pricey I think. But even using it daily as I do, if I use it sparingly – and sometimes just inhaling it directly from the little vial of pure oil I always carry – I’ll go through about 3-4 of the larger 10ml bottles a year. I will add that I do not find it to be too strong or overpowering – but my daughter and my mother do. I continually offer it when they are congested – even made my old-fashioned mom a “Vick’s-like” substitute with this in calendula & beeswax. They aren’t sold yet but I think they just aren’t giving it a chance (maybe because it’s my thing but I won’t digress into family dynamics…. 😉

    Anyway, I thought I’d finally leave a review here because
    1) I am back to order another bottle to make sure I don’t run out in the coming months, and
    2) I have plenty of time to write as I have been isolated at home for a week now due to COVID-19 with no end in sight! Good health to all beings and give this remedy a try (along with the stronger arsenal we may sadly need to use these days)

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