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aromaGLO 500 diffuser kit
(5 customer reviews)


The ultimate diffuser, ideal for home, office or wherever you may be. The AromaGLO 500 Kit comes with 2 sample sized diffuser oils to heal, neutralize and beautify your space. AromaGLO 500 produces a super fine but strong therapeutic mist for up to 8 hours. Simply add water and essential oils for immediate, soothing aromatherapy.

Sleek design accentuated with an LED lighting feature. Choose from 7 solid colors, ‘rainbow’ mode, or opt for ‘no light’ mode. A built-in timer lets you select ‘run time’ and ‘output level’. The machine automatically shuts off when empty.
Diffuses up to 500 sq ft.

White A/C adaptor, 2 bottles of Breathe Pure™ essential oils & filling cup

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5 reviews for aromaGLO 500 diffuser kit

  1. Candice Marone

    EVEN OUR 3 YEAR OLD LOVES IT! We started with it in the living room but our 3 year old was so enamored and transfixed by it, it is now in her room. She loves choosing a color before going to sleep and it helps her sleep better at night. I just bought another one so we can enjoy it again in the living room. Highly recommend!

  2. Unknown

    COLORFUL WAY TO RELAX This diffuser works very well. The color parade,which is what happens, is beautifully orchestrated. The diffuser has a high and low setting. Thyehigh one which we use soon fills the room with aroma. We’ve been using it for a few months;so far so good.

  3. Ashley P.

    WORKS GREAT AND I LIKE THE EXTRA ‘RAINBOW LIGHT’ OPTION I really like the diffuser, and the added rainbow light feature is great. I also like the fact you can turn the colored lighting off if don’t feel like having it on.

  4. melissa

    LOVE IT! I’ve been doing research on aromatherapy and essential oils as combatants to germs, and I have been a huge fan of Nectar for a while, so when I saw this I had to have it. I’ve been using it every day. It’s quiet, and the steam comes out like a peaceful whisper that I am able to smell throughout the room. I love the added features of being able to use the light or not. It was really easy to put together and seems easy to clean. I am very glad that I purchased this for my home.

  5. Bill

    RELAX. SOAK UP THE PEACE. ENJOY. Excellent design. Easy operation. Perfect mist. Currently experimenting with how long to leave the timer on; and how much oil to use per my taste. The accompanying operating directions need to be improved for accuracy and language.

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