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Daily Stress

When you’re used to going to yoga class on a regular basis, adapting to the current COVID-19 restrictions can be tough. After all, yoga offers just as many benefits for your emotional well-being as it does for your physical health, so missing out on those classes can be extra difficult during such a stressful time. So how can you find balance without going to a studio? Well, you can try using these budget-friendly tips to begin your very own yoga practice at home. 

All kinds of issues present in the stomach. Here are some common complaints and our botanical approach to healing. (take 10 drops and rub on tummy in a circle, 3 times a day) for gas & indigestion, bloating, use focus; for nervous belly and nervous thoughts, use sleep; for chronic digestive stress, use calm; for anger, feeling 'punched in the gut', use de-stress.

Wash your hands, purify your lungs and keep a positive mindset. Since we are all spending a bit more time in our homes, it is a natural time to create some new rituals and intentions around our daily acts. These days, I am taking pointed care of my lungs and respiratory health.

Just like a toddler tantrum, preventing a headache is easier and less stressful than trying to stop one. Research shows that a migraine attack often follows a stressful event or a rough day by about 48-72 hours. If you are prone to this nervous system stress response, what can you do to avoid headaches in the first place? How do you soften the symptoms once the pain has already started? Either way, you need to allow the nervous system to rest and reboot.