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Moving Stressing You Out? Practice These Self-Care Tips

Check out our feature in Redfin’s latest article: “Moving Stressing You Out? Practice These Self-Care Tips” The psychology of moving is well documented. Moving is considered one of the most stressful life events by researchers. No matter how much you love your new home, you might still experience moving anxiety and relocation depression. It is important to practice self-care throughout this transition, so you can stress less during your move. To help you get started, I, along with other experts from across the country, shared some of our
best tips and tricks to practice self-care and relieve moving stress and anxiety.

Pain relief with no side effects

The next time you want to reach for Tylenol or Ibuprofen, first rub calm, relief directly on your aches. calm, relief is a multi-dimensional remedy that tackles anxiety, overwhelm, and emotional pain. It simultaneously has powerful pain-relieving properties and is effective for aches. Our calm, relief remedy is completely all-natural, non-toxic, and fast-acting.

Flower Essences & Essential Oil Remedies for Grief

Grief is an emotion that can destabilize health. Left unattended, it wreaks havoc on the respiratory and immune systems, making people vulnerable to illness. And we are living in a unique time where there are few comforts, something as simple as a hug from a loved one can be hard to come by.

Fortify your Lungs with Aromatherapy 💚 during Fire Season

Your lungs filter 2,100 and 2,400 gallons of air each day, which is the amount needed to oxygenate the 2,400 gallons or so of blood that is pumped through the heart daily. Your lungs work so hard to filter out environmental toxins. This daily dose of respiratory protecting essential oils is the perfect botanical remedy to support your lungs.

Mask hygiene with Aromatherapy

It’s important to wash your masks frequently. In the meantime, Super-Immunity Germ Shield disinfects with powerful essential oils of lemongrass, clove, oregano, thyme, and mandarin. We created this formula in response to the pandemic to give you protection from pathogens while boosting your body’s own immune response. And the high energy scents will give you a mood boost, as well. Mask with gusto!

San Francisco Travel x Aromatherapy

When we design events, we focus on experiences that are healing in the moment and one that gives guests tools to continue that healing journey. That is exactly what Nia Tahani Wilkes, Senior Manager, Convention Events, at SF Travel, was looking for when she reached out to us to bring aromatherapy to events in a meaningful and memorable way.

Immunity Tips for Self-Healers

The anti-microbial activity of essential oils have been studied extensively since the late 1800s. While certain pathogens can build resistance to drugs, they can never build resistance to essential oils. How awesome is that?

The Healthy Deviant’s Renegade Rituals

We are devouring the new release, The Healthy Deviant – A Rule Breaker’s Guide to Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World. The book is filled with hacks for creating well-being. I am certain that if you incorporated 10% of the book’s suggestions into your life, you would experience a significant uptick in your health and well- being! And we are so honored that the author is a user and fan of our breathe me remedies! We’ve shared her daily incorporating high vibration aromatherapy rituals below.

The Fragrance Fiction

When you see the word fragrance on a candle, cream or cleaning supply, it is chemical compounds sourced from petroleum. Using synthetic fragrances can lead to (or exacerbate existing) health risks, like asthma, allergies, headaches, migraines, hormone disruption, cancer, toxicity, and central nervous system disorders.

Simple and Savings-Savvy Secrets for Practicing Yoga at Home During Lockdown

When you’re used to going to yoga class on a regular basis, adapting to the current COVID-19 restrictions can be tough. After all, yoga offers just as many benefits for your emotional well-being as it does for your physical health, so missing out on those classes can be extra difficult during such a stressful time. So how can you find balance without going to a studio? Well, you can try using these budget-friendly tips to begin your very own yoga practice at home. 

Cleaner air. Healthier you. Happier planet.

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This commemoration has me thinking about my impact on the global community. Even from our tiny quarantine orbits, we can help everyone breathe easier. In fact, researchers in the US looked at levels of synthetic VOCs in roadside air in Los Angeles and found that as much came from industrial and household products refined from petroleum as from vehicle exhaust pipes. (Paints, perfumes, cleaning sprays and other synthetic items in your household contribute to high levels of ‘volatile organic compounds’ in air.) 

How to address tummy issues with essential oils and flower essences

All kinds of issues present in the stomach. Here are some common complaints and our botanical approach to healing.
(take 10 drops and rub on tummy in a circle, 3 times a day) for gas & indigestion, bloating, use focus; for nervous belly and nervous thoughts, use sleep; for chronic digestive stress, use calm; for anger, feeling ‘punched in the gut’, use de-stress.

Crystal-infused products are all the rage

We love this write up by Mary Bemis of Insider’s guide to Spas about our crystal blessing sprays. Whether or not you’re the woo-woo type, you’ll notice that CRYSTALS are popping up in all kinds of products. Read more by clicking on the link below: Crystal Clear: A Round-up of Crystal-Infused Products that Spas Love

Find your Essential Oil Formula

We make botanical, energetic medicine. As many of us are in self-healing mode, we wanted to offer a simplified directory of our products so that you can address your concerns directly.

New product launch: Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray

In response to the urgent need to limit exposure to germs and viruses, we created a surface and air mist, powered by our super-immunity essential oil and flower essence. Many customers requested a botanical hand sanitizer, and we decided to go beyond and offer a purifier for everything in your space.

💧Clean Air comes in a bottle

In the heat of Covid-19, I want to share one of our best tools for staying healthy. Using essential oils on your body can be a really effective immunity booster and I always couple it with diffusing. Keeping the air healthy in your high-traffic areas (bedroom, living room, office, play room) is a powerful defense during flu season.

Breathe like the Trees: A daily ritual 

Wash your hands, purify your lungs and keep a positive mindset. Since we are all spending a bit more time in our homes, it is a natural time to create some new rituals and intentions around our daily acts. These days, I am taking pointed care of my lungs and respiratory health.

How to Put Yourself to Sleep with Lavender

If you want lavender oil that will help you rest, you need to look for these three things: 1. Seek Species: There are many varieties of Lavender and they all have relaxing properties, but the best species for sleep is, hands down, Lavandula angustifolia. 2. Get High: Lavender that was grown 3,000 feet or higher in elevation is higher in linalool, a chemotype that makes you drowsy. 3. Manic for Organic: Organic soil produces higher quality plants with essential oils that do not contain pesticide residue, so look for organic-certified essential oil.

Healing headaches and mastering migraines

Just like a toddler tantrum, preventing a headache is easier and less stressful than trying to stop one. Research shows that a migraine attack often follows a stressful event or a rough day by about 48-72 hours. If you are prone to this nervous system stress response, what can you do to avoid headaches in the first place? How do you soften the symptoms once the pain has already started? Either way, you need to allow the nervous system to rest and reboot.

Stress Less – 5 Ways De-Stress Can Come to the Rescue

De-stress is your favorite remedy, our perennial best-seller. Because, duh: stress is the result of every challenging thing and too much of any good thing. It comes up every day and affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. And the beauty of De-stress is that it calms on every level. 

Versatile and effective, De-Stress is the perfect remedy to have on hand. It is a powerful remedy made from essential oils plus subtly healing flower essences. You are an electromagnetically-charged, vibrational entity, you need a remedy that gets that.

The Vibration of Love

Buds are breaking, days are lengthening and hearts are yearning.  As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are adding our sacred “Love Spray” to our daily rituals. This vibrationally charged mist elevates love, hope, and joy in your energetic field. We are totally enamored with the light, bright spray with its amber notes and hints of rose. Use it to vibe up your surroundings, color your meditation practice or instantly soften your heart space.

Stronger than a Speeding Virus

Not all heroes wear capes. Some come in little glass jars and fight invisible enemies. Germs and viruses are all over the news the last few weeks, so we wanted to send out a PSA to all of our self-healing friends: Superbugs cannot build resistance to the anti-microbial powers found in essential oils. Our formulas contain essential oils that are scientifically-proven to demolish Strep, E-coli, Staph and MRSA in a petri dish, as well as in the air.

The Essential Loophole

The question of essential oil authenticity is not a new issue. Passing synthetic oils off as “natural” has been going on ever since synthetic scents were created in the late 1800s. Today, all marketers know, consumers desire clean, natural and pure products. The desire to live a healthy life has more and more consumers reading labels, hunting down 100% natural products. There’s a huge loophole in FDA cosmetic labeling laws. It allows cosmetic companies to label synthetic oils as essential oils.

Féte, Rest, Reset. A ritual for deep sleep.

Emerging from the deepest darkness of the year can be disorienting and makes many of us depressed or lethargic. I offer you three very effective daily rituals to keep your light beaming.

Travel Well with Full Spectrum Aromatherapy

Many of us are braving the petri dishes that are trains, planes, automobiles this year. Travel can lower our immunity for any number of reasons: lack of sleep, stress, eating a diet comprised primarily of red wine and sugar cookies, you name it. Transit hubs are contact points for inspiration and excitement, but also germs.