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Travel Shops

Offer your customers a healthy travel solution

We address the wellness concerns your customers experience while traveling- stress, fatigue, poor sleep, jet lag and wanting to stay healthy while ‘on the road’. Our 100% natural product is perfectly sized for travel, with both sizes being TSA compliant.

Using evidence based, scientific research, we formulate our remedies to achieve a specific therapeutic benefit for the mind and body. Made with 100% pure essential oils from plants grown using sustainable practices. The most popular products for travelers are: super-immunity, de-stress, energy mood-boost, and sleep.

For info, call 800-277-1961, ext 701 or click to request a sample pack
Two size options:
    • 100+ applications
    • fits in pocket
    • 3.5 ml /.125 fl oz
    • 250+ applications
    • fits in purse
    • 10 ml / .33 fl oz
Multiple display options: