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Jenny Pao - Co-Founder



As a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist, Jenny Pao has been formulating essential oils to improve her client's health and well-being for over a decade. Having successfully used essential oils in her practice, she co-founded Nectar Essences to share the healing benefits of the oils with those outside her practice.

Jenny is an experienced Quantum Energetics Structured Healing Practitioner, a holistic healing discipline that uses touch to promote self-healing. After receiving her diploma from The Western Institute of Natural Healing in 2003, she has been in practice helping families with small children improve their health and vitality. In addition, she has trained in Functional Medicine under Dr. Daniel Kalish, Flower Essence therapy under Teresita Espinoza Woters, and Quantum Energetics under Readene Vanden Heuvel. She also holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego.

Jenny has spent the vast majority of her life immersed in the wellness field, with a philosophy that the balance of mind, body and heart is at the epicenter of health. She has practiced yoga and meditation since she was five years old and in her free time, enjoys traveling to hot springs, cooking and playing with her dog Potato.


Robin Weiss Jones - Co-Founder



Robin Co-Founded Nectar Essences bringing her extensive experience in Business Development, Finance, Marketing, and Sales. Prior to Nectar, she worked on Wall Street, spending more than 15 years advising Corporate and Institutional clients while holding senior positions at First Republic Bank, Robertson Stephens and Merrill Lynch.

In addition to her significant business background, Robin brings a passion for healthy living and fitness, and a strong interest in natural medicine and holistic healing.  Seeing the importance of making Jenny's work available to a broader audience, Robin helped start the company to help make this a reality.

Robin is an avid athlete having participated in competitive sports throughout her life, including completing numerous triathlons and other multi-sport races. She's usually outdoors on the weekends hiking, biking, sailing, or kayaking. She loves to cook healthy meals and can be found frequenting many of the organic markets in and around Sausalito, California, where she lives with her husband.