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Offer your customers a natural & complementary alternative

We focus on solving everyday wellness concerns your customers experience such as stress, fatigue, poor sleep, lack of focus and wanting to stay healthy year round. We do this by offering a natural alternative made with 100% pure essential oils from plants. We use evidence based, scientific research to formulate our blends to achieve a specific therapeutic benefit for both the mind and body. We 3rd party test for purity and our essential oils are between 70-100% certified organic, depending on the remedy. All plants used are grown using sustainable practices. We use eco-friendly, minimal packaging.

Product can be placed at POS checkout, category specific area such as decongest in the cold/flu section, and the kid’s remedies in the children’s section.

For info, call 800-277-1961, ext 701 or click to request a sample pack
Two size options:
    • 100+ applications
    • fits in pocket
    • 3.5 ml /.125 fl oz
    • 250+ applications
    • fits in purse
    • 10 ml / .33 fl oz
Multiple display options: