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Our breathe me and breathe pure lines offer your clients a way to maintain the positive feeling they have from their spa experience, once they arrive home. Offering 100% pure essential oils infused with flower essences, we formulate our remedies, by using evidence based, scientific research to achieve specific therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body.

Currently the most popular items sold, from the breathe me line are: de-stress, calm relax, sleep and energy mood-boost. And for the breathe pure line: aromaGLO 100 diffuser, good mood diffuser oil and sweet dreams diffuser oil.

For info, call 800-277-1961, ext 701 or click to request a sample pack
Two size options:
    • 100+ applications
    • fits in pocket
    • 3.5 ml /.125 fl oz
    • 250+ applications
    • fits in purse
    • 10 ml / .33 fl oz
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