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Hospital Gift Shop

Great for staff and those shopping for a gift

Our breathe me aromatherapy line addresses everyday concerns we all experience - stress, fatigue, poor sleep, and lack of focus - making it the perfect item for just about everyone. Feedback from our existing retailers - "With hospital staff making up the majority of sales, it's nice to carry an item that they like to buy for themselves and also makes a nice gift to give." Appealing to a wide audience generates the opportunity to capture more sales in your store.

We offer a 100% natural product made with pure essential oils from plants infused with flower essences. Not only does the line smell amazing but we use evidence based, scientific research to formulate our blends. The best sellers at hospital gift shops are: de-stress, energy mood-boost, focus, and sleep.

For info, call 800-277-1961, ext 701 or click to request a sample pack
Available in two sizes:
    • 100+ applications
    • fits in pocket
    • 3.5 ml /.125 fl oz
    • 250+ applications
    • fits in purse
    • 10 ml / .33 fl oz
Multiple display options: