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Germ Fighting Power

With essential oils, germs don’t have a fighting chance. Bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi are eliminated or minimized in the presence of certain essential oils.

This happens when the chemical components of the essential oil come into contact with the germs. In the case of bacteria, the components of the anti microbial essential oils can cause death to occur by causing extensive leakage or the exit of critical molecules. With viruses, they can cause replication to be inhibited.

"The antibacterial activity of essential oils has continuously been researched since the 1800s, their efficiency against many bacterial pathogens has been demonstrated in countless in vitro experiments."

-Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD in Chemistry

Why it Matters

Scientists, doctors and health officials are deeply concerned about the rise in drug resistant superbugs. Essential oils can play a key role in affecting antibiotic resistant germs such as MRSA and other super-bugs.

“Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem. New forms of antibiotic resistance can cross international boundaries and spread between continents with ease. Many forms of resistance spread with remarkable speed. World health leaders have described antibiotic resistant microorganisms as ‘nightmare bacteria’ that ‘pose a catastrophic threat’ to people in every country in the world.”

-2013 CDC Annual Report


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