Fitness & Health Clubs

Have your members look forward to their workout

Imagine...members and staff focused, feeling refreshed, in a good mood. All in the palm of their hands with our breathe me aromatherapy. We offer a way to make a truly lasting impression on your members and staff. Our 100% natural remedies target daily issues such as stress, fatigue, lack of focus, poor sleep and trying to stay healthy year round. All things your members and staff are most likely experiencing.

Scent is powerful. No other sense has the power to transform the mind and mood as instantaneously as our sense of smell. The 100% pure essential oils we put into every bottle, are chosen not only for their therapeutic benefit, but for their appealing scent. This can help strengthen your brand, have members look forward to returning, and staff happier at work.

The Power of Plants - The Benefits of our Pure Essential oils

We use evidence based, scientific research to formulate our blends for their specific therapeutic benefit to the mind and body. Click for scientific research studies.

  • Improve


    Aromatherapy sharpens focus and improves mood which may result in improved exercise performance for members, and better work performance from staff.

  • Relieve


    Aromatherapy measurably reduces anxiety and stress. Have less stressed employees, and help your members feel more relaxed during their visit. 

  • Reduce

    COLDs & FLUs

    Antibacterial and antiviral essential oils diffused into the air decrease susceptibility to airborne infections improving member health and decreasing staff sick days.

  • Create


    Create an overall better and healthier environment for your fitness members and staff.

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